Heavy Menstruation / Menorrhagia Health Package


Health Packages:

  • Divya pravala Pisti 10 gm
  • Divya Kaharava Pisti 10 gm
  • Divya Giloy Sat 10 gm
  • Divya mukta / moti pisti 4 gm
  • Divya Vasantakusumakara Ras 1 gm.
  • Divya Stri Rasayana Vati 60 gm.



Menorrhagia is one of those health issues related to the menstrual cycles experienced by women that may create other health complications too. Bleeding during menstrual cycles is but obvious and mandatory too. When there is excessive bleeding that is beyond permissible limits, then numerous health issues start arising in the health of women. Not only excessive bleeding but women suffering from this menstrual disorder have prolonged menstrual periods. It means menstrual periods last for more than 4-5 days and may even continue for a week or even more than that.

Due to excessive bleeding and that too for prolonged time periods, women suffer from general body weakness. Apart from this, other problems such as pain in the pelvic region, abdominal pain, dizziness, nausea, vomiting etc. are also faced by women. This condition arises due to imbalance in the sex hormones in the body. Since menorrhagia is a menstrual disorder therefore it may even interfere with normal reproduction process and has an adverse effect on the overall health of women. It is because due to hormonal balance the normal reproduction process is also affected adversely. It is because menstrual periods have a direct link with the process of reproduction provided these are normal and free from any problems or other issues.

As stated above, abnormality of menstrual cycles interfere with normal reproduction process and also affect the health of women adversely therefore it is quite important to consult with gynecologist to get rid of this health issue well-in-time. It is best to consult with an ayurvedic healthcare physician as they offer safe and effective relief from this problem.

Possible causes of Menorrhagia

Like all other health issues related to the sexual or reproductive life of women, menorrhagia is also caused due to multiple factors. The chief factors out of these are use of blood thinning remedies in some cases, inflammatory conditions of the reproductive system such as vaginits and cervictis, fibroid uterus or swelling in the uterus and excessive use of birth control pills and intra uterine devices for birth control purpose.

Chief characteristics of menorrhagia

Menorrhagia which is a severe menstrual disorder is characterized by the presence of multiple signs and symptoms in the body of women. The chief signs and symptoms of this condition may include pain in lower back, general body weakness, anaemia, pain in the upper and lower limbs due to excess blood loss, severe headache, excessive loss of blood during menstrual periods, paleness of face, dizziness or blurring of vision, prolonged menstrual periods and abdominal cramps.

Health package for menorrhagia

Swami Ramdev health package for menorrhagia is a very good solution to get rid of this menstrual disorder found in most women of present day arena. It is totally an herbal formula that helps in curing this condition from its root cause so that it may not recur again in women’s life. Unlike other conventional medicines used for management of menorrhagia or other similar conditions relevant to menstrual cycles in women it is free from all side-effects or harmful effects on the overall health of women. It offers permanent relief from this health condition.

Excessive bleeding is controlled due to normal balance brought about in the sex hormones of females. Apart from this, entire body is supplied with required and essential nutrients so that weakness caused due to excessive bleeding may be done away with. Baba Ramdev health package for menorhhagia helps in making up for excessive blood lost during menstrual cycles and hence prevents the condition of menorrhagia. Pain in the lower back, abdomen and upper or lower limbs is also relieved with the use of this health package. It is worth noting that this health package comprises of different types of herbal formulas as given below.

  • Divya Stri Rasayana vati
  • Divya Kaharava pisti
  • Divya Amrita Sattava
  • Divya Pravala pisthi
  • Divya Mukta moti pisti
  • Divya Vasantakusumakara ras

Formation of new red blood cells is also stimulated with the help of this health package so that the condition of anemia may be cured well. Women who suffer from exhaustion, tiredness and general body weakness during menstrual cycles are also advised to use this health and get benefitted.  Women who experience mental stress, tension, depression etc. due to excessive bleeding and prolonged periods are also benefited as it helps in relieving all these negative mental states. All in all it is a wonderful health pack for menorrhagia.

Important instructions for women suffering from menorhhagia

  • To get relieved of signs and symptoms of menorrhagia, women may take peppermint tea or other herbal teas.
  • Avoid tea, coffee, icy cold drinks or other drinks rich in caffeine content.
  • Heavy and indigestible foods, sour foods, pungent and penetrating foods should also be avoided.
  • Avoid rigorous physical activity.
  • Keep your legs and feet slightly raised while sleeping or laying down especially during menstrual cycles.
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