Health Package for Jaundice (Yellow Skin)


Patanjali Yogpeeth, Divya Pharmacy Medicines

  • Sarvkalp Kvath 300 gm,
  • Praval Panchamrita 10 gm,
  • Kasees Bhasma 5 gm,
  • Swarnmakshika Bhasma 5 gm,
  • Giloy Sat 10 gm,
  • Svarna Basanta Malati 3 gm,
  • Udaramrit Vati 40 gm,
  • Arogyavardhini Vati 40 gm,
  • Punarnavadi Mandoor 40 gm,
  • Totla Kwatha 300 gm



Jaundice is a condition relevant to the liver under which the cells of the liver don’t function properly and normally and hence result in various diseases or disorders relevant to this important organ of the body. As per medical science, jaundice is not considered to be disease or disorder rather it can appear in the form of sign or symptom of some other diseases or disorders relevant to this vital organ of the body. These may include cirrhosis of liver, liver infections, fatty liver, enlarged liver etc.

As a result of this, almost all the functions that are otherwise performed by the liver under normal circumstances are affected negatively. These may include lipid metabolism, keeping cholesterol level under control, removal of toxins and wastes from the body through filtration of the blood and many more. This in turn has an adverse effect on the overall body health. It is because due to the reason that malfunctioning of the liver cells, the functions and health of other vital organs of the body is also affected badly.

The reason being all the body parts and organs are interconnected in one way or the other and disturbance in any one vital organs or parts leads  to ill-health on other body organs too. Since liver has an important function relevant to blood i.e. its filtration therefore jaundice is mainly caused due to some defects or presence of toxic substances in the blood. This condition may arise due to intake of wrong foods or unhealthy diet. Drinking of contaminated water or consumption of adulterated food items may also lead to jaundice. Jaundice requires immediate medical intervention or treatment to ensure overall body health.

Possible risk factors for Jaundice

Jaundice may be triggered due to numerous reasons or triggering factors. The chief factors out of these are given below.

  • Unrestricted physical activity or complete absence of the same
  • Consumption of alcohol and sesame oil
  • Consumption of certain foods which are oily, greasy, heavy, salty, alkaline, penetrating and very hot in nature
  • Mental stress, depression or feelings of anger, lust or fear
  • Sleeping during day time
  • Suppression of natural body urges such as sneezing, urination and passing of stools
  • Too much engagement in sexual activity

How is jaundice confirmed in the body?

Well, there are some signs and symptoms that are taken into consideration to confirm occurrence of jaundice in the body. These may include loss of appetite, excessive thirst, change in the color of skin, nails, white of eyes and mouth to yellow, change in the color of urine and stools to dark yellow or red, color of stools is white in some cases, loss of sexual desire, constant feeling of laziness and lethargy, general body weakness, digestive problems such as flatulence and indigestion and feeling of burning sensation in the body. These are all caused due to defects in the blood as a result of jaundice.

Important instructions for jaundice patients

Jaundice patients need to follow some simple tips or instructions so as to get rid of this health condition and also prevent recurrence of the same.    

  • Drink lots of water to remove impurities, toxins and other wastes from the body and the blood.
  • Oily, greasy, spicy, salty and such other foods that aggravate the condition of jaundice must be avoided. Rather you must incorporate lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and foods rich in fiber and roughage content in your diet. These help in removal of wastes from the body easily which in turn cures and prevents the condition of jaundice.
  • Working or going out in the direct sunlight or under scorching heat conditions must be avoided.
  • Those who are suffering from jaundice are advised to take brown rice, spinach, raisins, almonds, dried dates, potatoes, amla, grapes, radish, whole wheat flour etc. in their diet. All these are known for their curative effect in the jaundice condition.
  • Take appropriate rest and have proper sleep as it helps in stimulating liver cells to work normally and optimally. Do not carry out heavy physical activity.

Health package for jaundice

There are multiple products or herbal remedies available from the pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji that helps in curing jaundice and other liver functions properly and efficiently. All these are obtainable under the Swami Ramdev Health package for jaundice. The chief herbal formulas meant for this purpose include Divya Totla Kwath andDivya Sarvkalp Kwath. These are rich in such herbs or natural ingredients that are found to be effective in promoting normal liver functions.

No side-effects have ever been noticed with the use of this health package as it is totally safe for the entire body and its good health and that too in a completely natural way. At the same time, it is ensured that this health condition relevant to liver shouldn’t arise again. Liver as well as the entire body is completely detoxified so that no problems may arise with the working mechanism of liver cells. And it is possible only due to wonderful herbal ingredients present in this health package.

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