Divya Pidantak Ras for Joint Pain and Arthritis 40 grams


Divya Pidantak Vati is considered to be the best herbal pain reliever especially in case of joint pains and arthritis. The secret ancient formula helps in bringing about the sustainable relief from all sorts of pains in the body. It not only helps in increasing the body tolerance but also fades away the swellings and inflammation giving instant and long-lasting relief from pains. This herbal supplement is recommended in problems like arthritis, back pain, Cervical and lumbar spondylitis, sciatica, joint pains and inflammation. It is also helpful in reliving from headaches. This wonderful herbal formula contains herbs like Ajamoda (Ajavayan), Nirgundi, Sobhahjana (sweet var.), Ashwagandha or withinia somnifera, Rasna, Musta, Maha-Vata-Vidhvamsana Rasa, Pravala Pishti, Shilajit (mineral pitch), Mukta-pisti, Kupilu (purified), Hiraka Bhasma, Dasha-mula, giloy, Yograja Guggulu, Mandura Bhasma, Swarna-makshika Bhasma, etc.

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Divya Pidantak Ras for Joint Pain and Arthritis 40 grams, 3.2 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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