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Kidney Stone

Removal of wastes from the body is as important as consumption of foods and beverages. It is because if wastes are not removed out from the body then these may start accumulating in the body and take the form of toxins and give rise to numerous health issues. The task of removal of wastes is performed by the kidneys. These help in removing waste materials, toxins and other chemicals from the body through urine. Due to some problems in the working mechanism of kidneys or some diseases relevant to the kidneys, these are not able to perform their task of removal of wastes from the body in an efficient manner. As a result, wastes start accumulating in the body inside the kidneys and give rise to the condition called as kidney stones.

Kidney stones refer to the small structures that are present inside the kidneys and are formed due to crystallization of wastes and toxins in the urine. These are as small as size of a stone. The size of kidney stones varies from small to medium to large. Small sized stones can be flushed out of the kidneys via urine. On the other hand, large sized stones are not easily passed and hence start giving rise to numerous health issues. In some cases, the stones are so big in size that these lead to complete blockage of the urine and also lead to urinary infections or other health issues relevant to the urinary tract.

Chief reasons for kidney stones

There are multiple reasons that may lead to formation of kidney stones.

  • Imbalanced diet or improper diet
  • Lack of physical activity or even too much physical activity in some cases
  • Intake of lesser amount of water that leads to deficiency of water in the body
  • Too much intake of tea, coffee or alcohol and such other drinks rich in caffeine content
  • Working in direct sunlight for prolonged time periods that leads to dehydration
  • Obstruction in the outlet of natural urges including sneezing, passage of stools, urination and hunger
  • Too much intake of oily, greasy, processed and heavy foods
  • Too much intake of sugary foods
  • Intake of foods rich in poultry products, meat and fish

What are the chief signs and symptoms of kidney stones?

There are multiple signs and symptoms that indicate towards presence of kidney stones in any person.

  • Feeling of nausea and vomiting
  • Acute pain on the sides of the body that spreads towards the lower abdomen and the groin region
  • Feeling of fever which is accompanied by chills
  • Severe pain at the site where kidney stones are actually present
  • Experience of burning sensation while passing out urine
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Blood coming out along with urine
  • Recurring urge to urinate

Home remedies for kidney stones

Multiple home remedies work wonder in management and prevention of kidney stones. Some of the most popularly used home remedies for kidney stone removal are-

  • Drink water in which 1-2 figs have been boiled for some time. You may take this solution twice in a day on regular basis to get rid of kidney stones.
  • Similarly, a concoction which has been prepared by boiling basil leaves in it can be taken along with honey regularly. It is among one of the most effective home remedies for kidney stones.
  • Add equal amounts of olive oil and lemon juice and drink the same followed by drinking of plenty of water. It is an easy and effective way to flush out kidney stones.
  • You may take apple cider vinegar along with honey and warm water few times in a day on daily basis. It helps in dissolution of kidney stones and then removes the same from kidneys quite effectively.
  • You may either eat pomegranate in its original form or alternatively drink its juice regularly so as to get rid of kidney stones.

Health package for Kidney stones

Ramdev health package for kidney stones that comprises of some essential herbal formulas helps in efficient management of kidney stones. It is an effective and safe way of treating kidney stones. Kidneys are nurtured well for their most optimal and normal functions. This action naturally helps in prevention of formation of stones in the kidneys. The stones are dissolved or broken down into smaller pieces so that these may be passed out from the body via urine. Kidneys are cleared of all wastes so that their proper and normal health may be ensured. The patients suffering from kidney stones are relieved of the pain which is experienced by them due to presence of kidney stones therein. Burning sensation or bleeding experienced during urination is also relieved.

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