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Kidneys, situated on the left and right sides of the abdomen form major parts of the urinary tract. They are helpful to clear waste from the blood, maintain the fluid balance, regulate blood pressure, balance the chemicals and also produce certain hormones. Our urinary tract consists of kidneys, bladder and urethra that are helpful in producing and pumping out the wastage in the form of urine from our bodies. Kidneys produce the urine that is taken to the bladder with the help of urethra. It acts like a passage between the bladder and outer parts. It carries sperm too in the case of the males.

Kidneys and Urinary Health – Lying to the sides of the upper abdomen, behind the intestines; the bean-shaped kidneys resemble to the size of large oranges. Urethra is the tube leading from the bladder floor to the outside.  Women have shorter urethra that may be responsible for urinary tract infections in them as compared to the men that have it in larger sizes. Some of the major disorders related to kidneys and urinary tract health include cancer of the kidney/bladder/penis/prostate. Bedwetting, cystitis, diabetes kidney disorder, incontinence, infection, kidney-stones, overactive bladder syndrome, urine infection in the men & children, urethral stricture and prostate enlargement etc are also other disorders that are associated with one’s kidneys and UT.

Kidneys act as under to maintain the urinary health in effective manners:

  • Kidneys help to clear the waste materials from the body.
  • They are much useful in maintaining the normal balance of fluids and chemicals in the human physique.
  • Blood pressure is controlled in effective manners with the help of kidneys.
  • They play effective roles to make certain hormones.
  • Acidity of the blood is regulated with the kidneys.
  • The kidneys play a major role in monitoring the fluid levels.
  • Minerals like magnesium and calcium get absorbed in positive manners with the help of kidneys that are useful in maintaining the urinary tract health in positive manners.
  • Hormone calcitrol, the active form of vitamin D is produced with the help of certain kidney cells. Likewise the other hormone, i.e. erythropoietin (epo). Epo produced by the kidney cells also stimulates red blood cells.

Kidneys help to filter blood, produce urine and regulate blood pressure. They play major role in maintaining the levels of vital salts in the blood. Kidneys also help in secreting the hormone erythropoietin that is useful in stimulating and controlling the red blood cell production. Kidneys also help to regulate the pH of the blood and body fluids that are necessary for positive functioning of the body. Inorganic ions are removed from the body with the help of the kidneys that are useful in maintaining the glucose and urea. They are of great use to retain the requisite substances that are necessary for our structure.

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