Throat is a small part of the human body which is quite important as it is only due to throat and other parts contained in it that human beings can speak and express their feelings and emotions in front of others. There are multiple parts in the throat and larynx or voice box is also one among these. As the name implies, voice box is the main part of the throat that aids in imparting voice to any person. It is located in the upper part of the neck and has vocal chords in it. These vocal chords help in the entire process of speech. It is worth noting that vocal chords are quite important for any person as a person can speak only due to vocal chords. These are quite sensitive and attack of allergens or microbes on the vocal chords results in infections or allergies relevant to the neck.

There are multiple diseases or disorders relevant to the voice box or larynx and laryngitis is also one among these. It is a condition under which larynx in the neck suffers from inflammation. In simple words, laryngitis is an inflammatory condition of the vocal chords. It is quite discomforting for the sufferer. Laryngitis may be categorized into two types acute and chronic. It is to be noted that acute laryngitis is a common form and may last for just short span of time and hence it is just a short illness. In this condition, the voice of the sufferer becomes rough and throat becomes sore. Soreness of throat and harshness of voice is medically termed as acute laryngitis.

On the other hand, chronic laryngitis is a condition under which the patient suffers from ceaseless or constant roughness in the voice. It is a condition that lasts for prolonged time. It may be accompanied by other problems as well. It is worth noting that although chronic laryngitis is an irritating condition of the throat however it is not painful. Since it interferes with the normal speech or voice process therefore it is quite important to get rid of the same timely.

Chief causes for occurrence of laryngitis

There are multiple factors that may result in laryngitis. Some of these causes may be related to the throat or other internal body conditions while some others may be related to the external factors such as those associated with the environment, eating habits or even some other habits of a person. The chief factors responsible for this condition include-

  • Excessive use of voice or speaking continuously for long hours
  • Misuse of voice especially in polluted or dusty atmosphere
  • Obstruction in the nasal pathways
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Breathing through mouth instead of nose
  • Excessive smoking
  • Gastro esophageal reflux disease

Major signs and symptoms of laryngitis

The problem of laryngitis or inflammation of the larynx or voice box is characterized by certain signs and symptoms as mentioned below.

  • Intermittent or occasional cough
  • Loss of voice
  • Harshness of the voice or soreness of the throat
  • Throat irritation
  • Low or rough voice
  • Experience of difficulty in swallowing
  • Breaking voice
  • Excessive dryness of throat
  • Constant urge to clear the throat
  • Feeling of a lump in the throat
  • Heavy mucus in the throat

Health package for Laryngitis

Although laryngitis is not considered to be a serious health issue however it still requires immediate treatment and apt cure. Baba Ramdev health package for laryngitis aids in perfect and complete cure of this problem. It attacks at the root cause of this problem and eradicates it completely from the body. It is enriched with some of the most excellent herbs found in the nature that promote normal functions of the throat and the voice box. Anyone suffering from laryngitis or any other problems in the throat or neck can get benefitted by using this wonderful health pack. It can even be used on regular basis without the fear of any side-effects. It is attributed to safe and ayurvedic nature of this health pack.

Hoarseness of the voice is cured well as herbs contained in this health pack help in soothing doing any inflammation in the larynx. Similarly, itching, irritation or such other problems caused in the neck or throat are also relieved effectively using this health package. Apart from treatment of laryngitis, the chances of recurrence of the same in future are also reduced or prevented with the help of this health package.

Important note-

People suffering from laryngitis should avoid oily, fatty, greasy or highly alkaline foods. Similarly, foods or beverages that are sour to taste should also be avoided. Smoking and alcohol should be avoided. Use of excess of spices in the foods should be avoided. Reduce intake of tea, coffee and carbonated drinks. Have herbal teas instead. Gargle with saline water each day to keep throat free of infections.

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