Leucoderma (Chronic Skin Disorder)



  • Vitiligo
  • White Patches on Skin
  • De-pigmentation of skin


  • Kayakalp Vati 20 gm
  • Giloya sat 20 gm
  • Shuddh Bakuchi Churna 50 gm
  • Kaya-Kalpa Tail 100 ml
  • Shivtraghna Lep 100 gm



Also called as Sveta Kushtha in Indian language or Vitiligo in medical science, Leucoderma is a condition relevant to the skin. In this condition, the process of de-pigmentation of the skin, there is noticeable change in the color of the skin that changes to white from its natural color. In simple words, leucoderma is a skin condition under which the skin starts losing its natural color and becomes white in color. It is due to reduced production of skin pigment called as melanin which is produced by the skin cells called as melanocytes. It is worth noting that the skin gets its natural color only due to this pigment. In the absence or reduced production of this pigment of the skin, the skin loses its natural color and starts turning white in color. In the beginning, there may be small patches of the white colored skin that may spread and take the form of bigger skin patches.

The production of melanin is reduced or affected adversely due to malfunctioning of the melanocytes. This in turn leads to the condition called as leucoderma. The white skin patches may be found on the entire body irrespective of their location. People of both the genders can get equally affected by it. At the same time, people of all ages including, children, adults and elderly are prone to suffer from this skin condition.

Apart from health relevant issues related to the skin, leucoderma has an adverse effect on the social aspect of a person’s life. It is due to the reason that due to white patches on the skin, the outer looks of a person are adversely affected due to which the concerned person may suffer from low self-esteem and embarrassment in social circle.

Chief causes of Leucoderma

Different types of causes may be taken into account for occurrence of Leucoderma. These may include lack of certain nutrients in diet owing to unhealthy or imbalanced diet, low level of calcium in the body, weakness of body immunity, gastric problems that are chronic in nature, inflammatory skin conditions, liver infections that are chronic in nature, worm infestations and reduced or improper supply of oxygen to the skin cells that may be caused due to wearing of tight clothes.  In addition to this, leucoderma may be stimulated due to stress, tension, depression, anxiety and such other negative mental states, use of stickers or tattoos on the skin and performance of heavy physical activity immediately after meals.

How is Leucoderma characterized?

There are certain signs and symptoms that indicate towards presence of leucoderma in the body. Out of these, the most evident and clear symptom of leucoderma is change in the color of the skin from natural to the white. Apart from this, other signs and symptoms may include spreading of discolored skin patches to other body parts or areas, mood swings, loss of hairs, enhanced sensitivity of the skin towards cold, premature graying of hairs and frequent attacks of anxiousness and depression.

Health package for Leucoderma (Sveta Kustha)

On the outset, leucoderma seems to be an external skin condition that is not so complicated. However, it may even appear as a sign or symptom of some other skin issues or even other health issues present inside the body. That is why proper and timely treatment of this skin problem is quite important so that further health complications may be prevented. It is because if it is left untreated then it may even lead to other serious skin or general health problems.

Swami Ramdev health package for Leucoderma is apt in this task i.e. management and prevention of the Sweta kushta. It has been prepared keeping in mind the need of millions of people suffering from this skin condition. Chief herbal products or remedies used under this health package include Divya sudha bavaci churna, Divya amrta/Gilloy sattva/Gulvel sattva, Divya svitraghna lepa and Divya kayak alp vati.

The herbs or other natural ingredients present in this health package help in stimulating natural production of melanin by normalizing and optimizing the functions of the melanocytes. This in turn helps in retaining natural skin color. Skin is relieved of itching, irritation, inflammation and burning sensation. Skin cells are properly nourished so that these may keep on working normally. The biggest advantage of using this health package is its safe and effective nature that keeps skin and other body parts protected against any damage.

Ramdev health package for leucoderma also helps in improving body immunity so that this condition may not arise again.  It is because low body immunity is also one of the chief reasons for occurrence of skin condition again and again.

Apart from using this health package for leucoderma, people suffering from this skin condition must also pay attention to their diet so as to avoid any nutritional deficiencies in the skin.

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