Yakrit Pilhari Loha for Liver and Spleen related problems (40 Tablets)

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Yakrit Pilhari Loha is a wonderful herbal supplement that is extensively used in treating liver and spleen related problems. It in general helps in improving digestion and improves the digestive organ functionality. It is highly recommended in all kinds of liver related problems like fatty liver, pain in abdomen, hepatitis, jaundice, liver cirrhosis etc. It is also helpful in enhancing the blood count in body. This herbal formulation contains pure Parad, pure Gandhak, Loh Bhasma, Abhrak Bhasma, Tamra Bhasma, pure Mansil, Haldar, pure Nepalo, pure Tankan, pure Shilajit, Danti Mool, Nishot, Chitrak, Sambhalu, Trikatu, Ginjer, Bhringraja juice. This herbal supplement is indicated in diseases like Dyspepsia, Anemia, Jaundice, Liver and spleen relayed diseases.

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