Cervical Spondylitis or Back Pain Herbal Remedies

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Cervical Spondylitis / Backache

Stressful and deskbound lifestyle along with wrong eating habits are making the life of human beings worse. It is because lack of physical activity and wrong eating habits or intake of wrong foods leads to certain nutritional deficiencies and deformities in the body. Human body is such that it requires a constant source of food supply as well as physical activity so as to keep all its parts, organs and systems in proper and normal working condition. But due to present day lifestyle that mainly involves dependence on gadgets or machines for execution of various tasks and junk or processed foods due to shortage of time has resulted in various disorders.

Cervical Spondylitis and Backache are also among these physical conditions from which large numbers of people are suffering across the globe. Women are more prone to suffer from these physical conditions as compared to men. It is due to difference in the physical in-built and stamina in the two sexes. Apart from this, physical changes occurring in the body of females at various stages of life is also responsible to some extent for these health issues.

Cervical Spondylitis is a condition relevant to the neck under which the patient suffers from severe pain, stiffness and inflammation in and around the neck region. It is mainly caused due to degenerative changes taking place in the muscles of the neck or cervical vertebrae. It is mainly caused due to prolonged sitting in the same condition that leads to weakening of the muscles of neck and also reduces their flexibility. If it is left untreated, then the pain starts spreading towards arms and back which in turn gives rise to back pain or backache.

Sometimes, accidental injuries are also the main cause behind these problems. Since entire body is supported by the vertebrae of the back therefore it is quite important to get these conditions well-in-time so that further health complications may be prevented.

How is Cervical Spondylitis and Backache caused?

There are multiple factors that are responsible for occurrence of cervical spondylitis and backache in human body. Out of these, the major factors are as given below.

  • Lack of certain nutrients in diet due to improper or imbalanced diet
  • Lack of physical activity due to deskbound lifestyle
  • Long hours of sitting in the same position or posture
  • Genetic factors
  • Entire body weight supported on neck and back while sitting in the same position for long hours
  • Wrong sitting posture that leads to deformities in neck and back

How is cervical spondylitis and backache detected?

There are various signs and symptoms that may be taken into consideration to confirm presence of cervical spondylitis and backache in the body. Have a look.

  • Intolerable pain in the back and neck that keeps on aggravating while sitting or standing
  • Feeling of weakness of the muscles of neck, back and legs
  • Reduced flexibility of muscles of back and neck
  • Experiencing stiffness in the muscles of back and neck
  • Inability to stand for long time as a result of physical instability
  • Lightheadedness which is caused due to severe neck pain
  • Lack of sensation in the hands and arms which is caused due to compression of some nerves of the neck
  • Feeling of weakness in the legs
  • Difficulty in walking long distances due to back pain
  • Trembling of the legs on walking
  • Inability to drive
  • Inability to carry out routine tasks efficiently

Health package for Cervical Spondylitis / Backache

Keeping in mind the severity of the problem of cervical spondylitis and back pain, Baba Ramdev Ji along with his dedicated team of Patanjali pharmacy has presented a wonderful herbal formula that helps in relieving both these conditions in an apt manner. The biggest advantage of using this health pack is the safety of use associated with it.

This health pack has been purely and completely formulated using the best herbs found in the nature and hence it is totally safe and doesn’t cause any harm to the body. It comprises of various herbal formulas or products that have been tested and approved for their efficacy in treatment of both these health issues. Major herbal ingredients or constituents of this health pack.

All these herbal formulas are apt in their respective tasks and offer permanent relief from the problem of neck pain and back pain. All the signs and symptoms of the two physical conditions are also eradicated from the body completely. This in turn promotes overall health of the human body in an apt manner. When we have such a safe and effective formula for these severe health conditions, then why use other medicines!

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