Migraine Ayurvedic Cure


Migraine can be defined to be a neurological syndrome under which the patient suffers from severe pain in the head. In most of the cases, the headache is experienced at one point of the head. It is due to the reason that clots of blood start forming in the brain due to which supply of blood and oxygen is obstructed. Consequently, all the brain functions are adversely affected which in turn results in severe headache.



The pain in the head is so severe that it becomes just intolerable or unbearable for the sufferer.  Apart from headache, there are feelings of nausea, vomiting and even fainting in some cases. Even there is indistinct sensitivity of the body to some extent under the condition of migraine.

Irritable behavior due to severe headache and crying out madly with pain may also be seen or noticed in some people suffering from migraine. Migraine pain is mostly known to start in the forehead or at some specific point of the head from where it keeps on spreading to the entire head. The pain may start with a feeling of heaviness in the head and may keep in increasing with the passage of time.  That is why most of the patients of migraine are given pain killers just at the start of the pain so that severity of the migraine pain may be prevented.  Migraine pain may last for 2-3 hours or more to even 2-3 days. It is aggravated due to exposure to direct sunlight, noise or even due to intake of certain foods and beverages.

The patient gets relieved to some extent upon touching something cold on the head or forehead and by resting down in a cool and dark place. Application of some effective balm or simply ice on the two sides of the forehead is known to offer relief from this condition to some extent.

What causes migraine?

Multiple triggering factors are known to cause or trigger migraine pain in most of the patients. Some of the common causative factors may include hunger or skipping a meal, stress, tension, anxiety and such other negative mental states, alcohol consumption, too much exposure to harsh sunlight, exposure to loud sound or noise, allergies to some foods that are taken regularly in the diet, climatic changes, smoking beyond limits, lack of proper rest and sleep, exposure to or smelling of strong odors and sitting in front of television or computers for long hours that cause strain on the eyes.

What are the various signs and symptoms of Migraine?

Migraine may be characterized by presence or occurrence of different types of signs and symptoms in a person. The chief among them may include feeling of nausea and vomiting, severe or throbbing pain in the head, tiredness, exhaustion, dark circles under the eyes, short-tempered behavior, feeling of depression, low blood pressure, anxiousness, urge to sleep for long hours, stiffness of the muscles at the back and the neck, constipation, diarrhea, urge to have some specific foods that are rich in sugar and frequent urge to urinate.

Health package for Migraine

Like all other health issues, Baba Ramdev Ji has found out solution for migraine as well along with the dedicated team of Divya pharmacy or Patanjali pharmacy.  After years of research and experiments, Swami Ramdev Ji has been successful in formulation of a unique herbal pack which is commonly called as health package for migraine. It is used at large scale by people all across the globe for getting rid of migraine in an apt manner. Various herbal formulas such as Divya Medha Kavtha,Divya Moti Pisti, Divya pravala Pisti, Divya Godanti Bhasma and Divya Medha Vati can be used under this health pack. All these have their individual roles to play in the treatment and prevention of migraine.

Immediate cure is offered with the use of this health pack from the severe migraine pain. Even recurring attacks of migraine are also prevented with the help of wonderful herbs used in the preparation of this health pack. This health pack can even be used for prolonged time period to get rid of migraine pain. At the same time, it is ensured that no side-effects are produced on any of the vital organs of the body. Brain is offered proper nourishment with the help of this health pack that helps in normalizing its functions. Also supply of oxygen to the all parts and cells of the brain is improved which in turn prevents migraine attacks.

The biggest advantage of this health pack is that it can be used by people of all ages and genders. It offers permanent relief or cure from this problem that may even start interfering with routine life if left untreated for long time. It is because the severity associated with migraine pain doesn’t allow a person to carry out any task efficiently.

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