It is but obvious that the process of reproduction is quite important in the life of women. Delivery of any baby is said to be complete and safe if the entire process right from conception to development of fetus in the womb till delivery of the child in carried out in a safe and normal manner. Although most women are successful in giving birth to healthy and normal babies however there are some exceptions too. We have more often come across such women who suffer from miscarriage during the process of delivery of the baby. It is a condition under which a pregnant woman is not able to give birth to a healthy and normal baby and experiences miscarriage.

As per medical terms, miscarriage is natural abortion or termination of the fetus. To elucidate in terms of medical language, miscarriage is a condition when there is ejection or expulsion of fetus even before it reaches the stage of complete development. According to medical science, miscarriage is also a complication of pregnancy that may be experienced by different women due to different causes. It is worth noting that the risk of occurrence of miscarriage is more between third and seventh month of pregnancy. But it may occur any time depending upon physical conditions.

Miscarriage is a termination of the fetus in the womb of mother which may be caused due to unspecific reasons or sudden causes. Miscarriage occurs even when the fetus is incapable of survival. Miscarriage is a physically, mentally as well as emotionally painful condition for any pregnant women and may even leave the sufferer completely depressed. Although miscarriage is caused due to unknown or inexplicable reasons however it can still be prevented by taking some precautionary measures.

Chief factors responsible for causing miscarriages

Although there are no specific reasons defined medically that may be held responsible for miscarriages in women however there are some factors that are still taken into consideration as far as occurrence of miscarriage is concerned. The chief factors out of these include-

  • Use of drugs during pregnancy
  • Intake of alcohol
  • Wrong smoking practices
  • Unbalanced and unhealthy diet that leads to nutritional deficiencies in the pregnant women
  • Too much physical and mental stress
  • Excessive use of birth control pills
  • Some problems relevant to the uterus such as tumours in the uterus or swelling of the uterus
  • Advancing age that is not apt for the process of reproduction
  • Problematic or defective chromosomes in women
  • Some other diseases in women such as diabetes
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Frequently occurring pregnancies in women
  • Physical injuries
  • Infections in the sexual or reproductive organs
  • Chronic illness in women

Chief signs and symptoms of miscarriage

Well, the chief evident sign and symptom of miscarriage is bleeding from genital organs even during pregnancy. Apart from this, there may be some other symptoms as well such as physical infections, presence of toxins or bacteria in the blood. Even women suffering from miscarriage may also have extreme abdominal pain and in the genital areas. Membrane of the uterus may also break due to miscarriage.

Health package for miscarriage

Keeping in view the seriousness associated with the condition of miscarriage that is found in large numbers of pregnant women, Swami Ramdev Ji and his expert team of medical practitioners has formulated a very good herbal formula called as Baba Ramdev health package for miscarriage. It has been prepared keeping in view the unique physical and mental needs of pregnant women so as to deliver a healthy baby safely. This in turn prevents the chances of occurrence of miscarriage naturally. Only pure herbs or natural ingredients have been used to prepare this health pack so that women may be able to deliver a baby without experiencing any problems.

All these help in providing apt nourishment to the genital as well as reproductive organs of women so that these may not suffer from any problems or health issues till full term of pregnancy is achieved or reached. Various factors responsible for causing miscarriage are dealt with quite effectively using this wonderful health package. The biggest advantage of using this health pack to treat and prevent pregnancy is its safety. It doesn’t cause any side-effects or ill-effects on the overall health of a person.

The muscles of uterus are strengthened with the help of this health package so that the pregnant women may be able to carry fetus in it safely and give birth to it in a healthy and risk-free manner. Apart from miscarriage, this herbal health pack is also apt in getting rid of other health issues relevant to reproductive organs of women.

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