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Struggling with the problem of grey hairs? Are you worried about your appearance? Leave aside all your worries as Swami Ramdev Ji has already formulated and introduced an excellent remedy for your grey hairs. You just need to apply Patanjali Herbal Henna Mehandi into your hairs and get rid of your problem in a natural manner. Since this hair colouring product is totally based on herbs or ayurvedic ingredients therefore you need not worry about any itching, irritation or other ill-effects on your scalp.

Regular use of this herbal product by Patanjali pharmacy offers excellent results. Not only natural hair colour is retained but it also acts as an excellent conditioning and nurturing agent for your hairs. You will be amazed by the smoothness and softness of your hairs after application of this product into your hairs. It helps in making your hairs free from any roughness or dryness too. Also it imparts an amazing shine and glow to the hairs. You may boast off healthy and bouncing hairs.

Apart from Patanjali Herbal Henna Mehandi, Swami Ramdev Ji has also presented other hair care products too. These may include Divya Kesh Kanti Shampoo, Patanjali Coconut oil, Patanjali Protein Hair Conditioner and so on. All these help in prevention of any types of hair issues including premature greying of the hairs.

What natural remedies are suggested for grey hairs?

There are countless natural remedies as follows to get rid of grey hairs.

  1. You may apply shikakai based home-made shampoo and amla-based natural conditioner into your hairs. It aids in getting rid of the problem of grey hairs in an excellent way.
  2. Likewise, rosemary oil may be applied into your hairs to have the similar results. Alternatively, you may prepare natural hair colorant by mixing together equal amounts of rosemary and sage leaves in a cup of water. Use it into your hairs after steeping and sieving.
  3. Aloe Vera Gel is also considered to be an excellent remedy for grey hairs. It retains natural hair colour in a harmless way.
  4. You may use an infusion prepared by boiling henna leaves in mustard oil. Keep on boiling till the henna leaves get completely burnt.
  5. Another excellent and useful home remedy for grey hairs is to apply freshly extracted juice of amaranth. It retains and preserves natural hair colour.

Usefulness of yoga in getting rid of grey hairs

Yoga poses including kapalbhati pranayam, pranayam and various downward facing poses are beneficial for the hairs as discussed below.

  • Blood flow to the hairs and scalp is improved.
  • Protein synthesis and its absorption by the hairs are improved.
  • Stress is released.
  • Various hormones in the body are regulated and normalized.
  • The cells of the hairs and the scalp are rejuvenated.
  • Sleep is induced naturally which is vital for natural hair colour and overall good health of the hairs.
  • Melanin production is normalized in the body.
  • Blocked channels in the pathway of hair cells and follicles are all cleared.

Yoga goes a long way in management of the problem of grey hairs as well as other hair issues. Thus it must be incorporated in daily routine to have the associated health benefits.

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Patanjali Herbal Henna Mehandi Retain natural hair colour in a natural way -100g Free Shipping -, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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