Piles and Fistula


Piles are an inflammatory condition of the body under which the concerned person suffers from pain, inflammation, itching, irritation and sometimes bleeding in the anus region. It is all due to swelling of a mass or lump of cells and tissues in the anus region. It is worth noting that the cells and tissues in the anus region and surrounding it too are supplied by blood vessels like all other body parts


Since anus region is directly linked to the digestive system or stomach and aids in excretion or removal of waste materials from the body therefore the disorder or health condition relevant to this area i.e. piles also arises due to some malfunctioning of the digestive system only. It may arise due constipation or indigestion. As a result, the functions of the anus i.e. removal of wastes, toxins and other harmful chemicals from the body are also affected adversely. Although this condition of the anus is mostly painful however it may be non-painful or pain-free in some cases. There may be bleeding piles or non-bleeding piles depending upon individual conditions of the anus.

Similar to piles, fistula is also a disorder or disease which is related to the anal region. It is a small abnormal link which is produced or developed in-between the end of the bowel which is also known as anal canal/back passage and the skin which is present around the anus.  This condition mainly caused due to injury, surgery as well as some other internal conditions relevant to the body. It is worth noting that fistula is also discomforting or painful similar to piles.

Since piles and fistula are both related to the anus region which is quite sensitive and performs important function therefore it is very much important to get rid of both these disorders immediately. In conventional medicine system, mostly surgery is performed to get rid of this condition however herbal or ayurvedic medicine system offers an alternative cure for this problem. It is available in the form of various herbal packages or health package for piles/fistula. In this system, herbal remedies are used to cure piles and fistula.

Chief reasons for occurrence of piles and fistula

Although piles and fistula are both related to the anus region however these may be cured due to different types of triggering factors.

Causes for occurrence of piles

Piles may be caused due to chronic constipation, straining of the anus during passage of stools, hereditary factors, pregnancy, chronic constipation, sitting in the same position for prolonged time periods, frequently occurring diarrhea, straining of the anal region while passage of stools and lifting of heavy objects that exerts pressure on the anal region.

Causes for occurrence of Fistula

Chief factors responsible for causing fistula include head trauma, gall bladder surgery, person suffering from severe stage-3 hidradenitis suppurativa, inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease, use of radiation therapy for treatment of certain diseases, Tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS, Syphilis and Chlamydia.

Major signs and symptoms of Piles and fistula

There are varying signs and symptoms as mentioned below.

Piles symptoms

Piles is characterized by pain, inflammation, redness and irritation in the anal region, formation of a lump of mass surrounding the anus, experience of pain during defecation, bleeding during passage of stools in some cases and feeling of fullness of bowel even after evacuation.

Fistula symptoms

Fistula is characterized by bleeding or discharge of pus during bowel movement, irritation on the skin in the anal region, constant pain in the anal region that becomes worse upon movement, sitting or during bowel movement. Even the pain becomes worse while coughing.

Health package for Piles and Fistula

As mentioned above, piles and fistula need safe and effective cure from this problem. And it is possible only with the use of herbal remedies that offer permanent or long-lasting relief from this condition. Keeping in mind the same fact, Swami Ramdev Ji and his dedicated team of experts has formulated and presented a wonderful health package for piles and fistula. It is rich in excellent herbs and other naturally occurring agents that attack at the root cause of this problem and hence offer great relief to the sufferer. This health package is totally safe to be used by anyone suffering from this health condition. It helps in curing the digestive problems that are mainly responsible for causing piles and fistula. Wonderful herbal preparations used under this health pack include-

  • Hingwashtak churun
  • Jatyadi tailam
  • Spatika Bhasam
  • Divya Churun
  • Avipatikar churun
  • Arshkalp Vati

No harm is caused to the body including all its parts and organs in any way. It is attributed to the safe nature of these products which is all due to herbal or organic origin of the same. The sufferer is relieved of pain, inflammation, irritation, itching and other symptoms of piles and fistula with the regular use of this health package as per prescription.

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