Amrutanjana balm for Joint pains & Headaches Relief




Amrutanjan Pain Balm
9 grams per Bottle

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Amrutanjan Balm is world famous balm for relieving from problems like headaches, cold, running nose, blocked nose, pains and sprain in any part of the body. It has so many benefits and it used externally.

Benefits of Amrutanjana balm

  1. Helps in relieving headaches
  2. Amrutanjan help sin reliving from pain and muscular spasms
  3. It is also beneficial in chronic allergic rhinitis.
  4. Relives from pains instantly.
  5. It is also helpful in decongestion and other related respiratory tract problems.

How to use

Just take some amurtanajn balm on your finger and apply on the sore region. Now gently rub it. If you have a nasal congestion rub this wonder balm on your forehead and nostrils. You will find the relief immediately. As the balm is strong hence it should be used in small amounts only. It can also be used in steam inhalation purpose. Just drop some of the balm in the billing water and take its vapors.

Ingredients of Amrutanjan Balm

    1. Eucalyptus oil
    2. Camphor
    3. Wintergreen oil
    4. Menthol
    5. Lemon grass oil
    6. Peppermint oil
    7. Cinnamon leaf oil
    8. Thymol
    9. Rose oil
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Amrutanjana balm for Joint pains & Headaches Relief, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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