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Paralysis is a severe condition of the body under which there is loss of muscle functions. There may be loss of functions of one or even more than one muscles. It is a really a severe condition of the body due to which even a person may become bed-ridden. It is because it is associated with the nervous system due to which sensation or control over one or more muscles is lost.

There may be transient paralysis or even permanent paralysis. The literal meaning of the paralysis is disabling of the nerves. That is why some of the nerves of the body are disabled due to which there is partial or even complete loss of functions in that particular area of the body.

There are some variations of the paralysis including localized or generalized. Even there may be periodic or sleep paralysis. All these forms or variations of paralyses are triggered due to injury to the spinal cord. Even condition of paralysis may be found in newborn babies where it is referred to as Spina Bifida.

In some cases, paralysis is induced which is termed as Pseudo-paralysis. It is not genuine and is considered as false paralysis. It is mostly triggered due to particular circumstances. It is voluntary type of paralysis which is triggered in order to restrict or inhibit pain or even to bring back lost co-ordination amid various organs or orgasm. It is not caused due to muscular paralysis.

Chief causes for occurrence of Paralysis

The most evident or important cause for occurrence of Paralysis is the damage caused to the nervous system. The damage is particularly caused in the spinal cord due to which functions of the entire body are affected adversely. Apart from this, other causes of Paralysis include trauma, injury to the nerves, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, botulism, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, ALS, peripheral neuropathy etc. Administration of certain drugs may also lead to occurrence of paralysis.

Signs and symptoms of paralysis

Well, paralysis may be characterized by loss of sensation in the affected body area. It is due to damage caused to the neurons and nerves of the concerned body area. There may be temporary or even permanent loss of sensation. Additionally, there may be some other symptoms that may correspond with the type or variation of the paralysis.

Health package for Paralysis

Since paralysis may leave a person totally disabled and even sometimes bed ridden therefore it is very important to keep a check over the signs and symptoms of this health condition so that it may be cured and controlled well-in-time. It is all due to efforts of Baba Ramdev Ji and his dedicated team that an effective formula for paralysis could be prepared. It is made available in the form of health package for paralysis so that people suffering from this health condition may get relieved of the same. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that it is a magical health pack that offers safe and effective relief from this condition.

Further complications related to this deadly disease are also prevented. It helps in controlling the effect of paralysis so that it may not spread to the entire body. No side-effects or health hazards are produced on the body with the use of this health pack. It is attributed to safe and organic nature of this herbal package. Pure and most excellent herbs found in the nature that are being used from times unknown have been used to prepare this health package. That is why it is totally reliable as far as treatment and prevention of paralysis is concerned. Different types of herbal formulas used under this health package to cure paralysis include-

  1. Ashwagandha Churna
  2. Yogender Ras
  3. Praval pishti
  4. Vishtindukadi vati
  5. Swarn Makshik Bhasam
  6. Medha vati
  7. Capsule Ashwagandha
  8. Tejus Body massage oil
  9. Badam Rogan oil

The nerve cells are rejuvenated due to apt and complete nutrition offered to them with the use of this health package. This in turn helps in normalizing and optimizing the functions of the nerves and the entire nervous system. It is in fact a complete tonic for the entire body so that it may be assured of its good health in a natural way. It even helps in regeneration of the new cells in the nervous system which in turn helps in prevention of the condition of paralysis.

Tips for Paralysis patients

  1. Special attention should be paid to diet so as to assure that all the nutrients required for proper and normal body functions may be supplied to the body.
  2. People suffering from paralysis are advised to carry out exercises based on stretching and bending. It helps in regaining the lost functions of the muscles and the nerves. At the same time, extent of muscular movement is also increased or improved.

Such people should try to avoid stress as it has a negative effect on the process and speed of recovery.

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