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Sexual weakness is a problem which is now faced by most people due to changing lifestyle and eating habits. Even some wrong habits are also responsible for causing sexual weakness. As a result, large numbers of males suffer from this problem and face disappointment in attainment of sexual pleasure. Even their sexual partners are also dissatisfied as far as sexual satisfaction is concerned. Keeping in mind the importance of sexual activity in the life of human beings, Swami Ramdev Ji and his dedicated team of Divya pharmacy has prepared a unique herbal formulation. It is known as Divya Ashwshila Capsules. This unique product has been prepared from Ashwagandha and Shilajit both of which are helpful in management of problems faced in the sexual life. Both these ingredients are known for their positive effects on the sexual organs and reproductive organs and are being used from times unknown to cure such problems.    

Important benefits of Divya Ashwshila Capsules

  • Divya Ashwshila Capsules help in increasing sexual desire in males and hence help them to get aroused appropriately during sexual activity.
  • All the body cells and parts including those related to the sex organs are re-energized which in turn help in improving their functional efficiency.
  • Males suffering from sexual weakness due to any reasons are benefitted with the proper and regular use of Divya Ashwshila Capsules. It helps in dealing with this problem in an apt manner.
  • All the essential nutrients required for proper working of sexual parts and organs are supplied by this wonderful herbal product which in turn regulates and normalizes all the sexual functions.
  • Not only sexual problems but Divya Ashwshila Capsules are also helpful in management of such problems as arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, etc. owing to presence of anti-inflammatory properties in it.

How to use Divya Ashwshila Capsules?

It is advisable to take 1-2 capsules of Divya Ashwshila twice in a day along with milk or water following meals. It may even be taken for long time periods as it is totally safe owing to its herbal or ayurvedic nature.

Home remedies for sexual debility or dysfunction

Apart from using Divya Ashwshila Capsules, some home remedies may also be tried so as to get rid of sexual weakness. The most effective and reliable home remedies in this regard are-

  • Drink 1-2 cups of green day daily as it helps in increasing sexual stamina which in turn allows you to perform better during sexual activity.
  • Ginseng is also known for its energizing effect on the body. It helps in energizing the entire body. It relieves stress and tension from the mind and body which in turn has a positive effect on the sexual performance.  It may be consumed by adding to tea or soup.
  • Drinking apple juice and orange juice on regular basis also helps in increasing sexual power to great extent.
  • Instead of other normal cooking oils, use olive oil for this purpose as it helps in increasing physical stamina. This in turn allows you to give your best performance and have complete sexual pleasure during sexual activity.
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