Respiratory disorders or diseases are numerous and pleurisy is also one among these. It is a disorder relevant to the lungs that are an important part of the respiratory system. It is a condition under which the lining of the pleural cavity around the lungs suffers from severe swelling. Since pleural part of cavity is affected due to this health disorder therefore it is named so. The condition of pleurisy arises mainly because of infection caused due to certain microbes.

The most important function performed by the lungs i.e. breathing is affected adversely due to swelling in the pleural cavity of the lungs. It is because the entire process of breathing is affected adversely as a result of disturbance or obstructions caused in the supply of oxygen to the lungs. That is why most patients suffering from pleurisy complain of chest pain and especially during breathing.  Apart from this, the lungs also suffer from inflammation that makes this condition quite discomforting.

It is noteworthy that pleura have two layers that are lubricated by the pleural fluid. When this pleural fluid is present in excess in between these two layers then swelling occurs in the lining that surrounds the same. And this in turn gives rise to the condition called as pleurisy. Due to occurrence of this condition, the concerned person also suffers from pain, cough, and tenderness in the chest. Even there is difficulty in breathing due to constant or persistent coughing. It is in fact one of the severest conditions associated with the lungs that makes a person restless and especially during night. There are frequent attacks of coughing in the laying down position which even starts interfering with the normal sleep and rest.

Chief factors responsible for occurrence of Pleurisy

Pleurisy is mainly triggered due to certain factors that may be present inside the body or even outside of it. Some of the chief factors responsible for occurrence of this condition are administration of specific drugs, fungal, viral or parasitical attack, diseases such as lupus, tuberculosis and arthritis, exposure to certain chemicals, cancer and tumours and abdominal problems.

Chief Signs and symptoms responsible for causing Pleurisy

Some of the major signs and symptoms of pleurisy include constant coughing, chest pain, problems in normal breathing, recurring fevers, shortness of breath, discoloration of the skin which becomes bluish in color due to accumulation of excess of fluids in the pleural cavity.

Health Package for Pleurisy

Keeping in view the severity of the problem of pleurisy, Baba Ramdev Ji has presented a wonderful health package for pleurisy. It is available in the form of an herbal formula that is named as Sringa Bhasma. This herbal formula has been prepared using the best or most excellent herbs and other naturally occurring ingredients found in the nature.

The major herbal ingredients found in this health pack include Sringa, Ark dhugdha and Dharit Kumari. All these are beneficial for overall health of human body and especially for the lungs. It provides all the nutrients required for normal and proper functions of the lungs.  This in turn optimizes the lung functions to that no problems may arise in the working mechanism of the same.

The wonderful health package made available by the pharmacy of Baba Ramdev helps in offering complete relief from all the signs and symptoms of pleurisy.  It helps in easing the entire process of breathing by reducing the swelling in the lining of the pleural cavity. It starts by slowly reducing the swelling in the pleural cavity and then totally eradicating it from the lungs. This in turn helps in relieving chest pain and inflammation of the lungs and hence the sufferer is relieved to great extent. The supply of oxygen is improved to the lungs and the various body parts which in turn gives relief from constant coughing too.

This wonderful health package also helps in improving overall body immunity so that recurrent attack of pathogens that are responsible for causing this health condition may be prevented. This in turn ensures that the problem doesn’t occur again. Production of phlegm and mucus in the lungs is also prevented so that the patient may not suffer from any problems in the breathing process. Other symptoms of pleurisy such as cold and fever are also cured well with the help of this health package. Apart from pleurisy, other health issues relevant to the lungs such as asthma and bronchitis are also cured and prevented with the help of this fabulous herbal remedy.

Important note

People suffering from pleurisy should avoid intake of greasy, oily or other heavy foods as these aggravate the condition. Instead they may take fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water so as to clear away toxins from the body. It also helps in thinning of the mucus which can then be eradicated from the body easily. Have proper rest and sleep to accelerate the process of recovery from this health condition.

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