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Out of numerous skin ailments or disorders, psoriasis is also a commonly experienced skin disorder by large numbers of people across the world. It also comes under the category of autoimmune diseases or disorders under which the cells of the skin act against its own defense mechanism or immune system. Consequently, abnormalities come in the functioning of the skin cells which in turn results in the condition called as Psoriasis. Under this condition of the skin, scaly rashes start appearing on the skin. These scaly patches or rashes are white colored.

Psoriasis may be found in any of the body parts and is found in people of all age groups and genders equally. The scaly patches of the skin start shedding off slowly which in turn exposes the deeper layers of the skin. The worse factor about this skin disorder is that it is quite irritating and itching. Due to autoimmune action, skin cells are produced in larger quantities which are even more than normal limits and are even more than the shedding of the skin cells. Triggered by the appearance of white scaly patches, the skin starts looking silvery white over the affected areas of the body. It is worth noting that psoriasis is mainly caused due to low immunity of the body which leads to action of the skin cells against own defense mechanism.

Apart from low body immunity, other factors may also be responsible for occurrence of this skin condition. In some cases, the signs and symptoms of this skin condition are noticed immediately while in some other cases, these may not appear even years after actual occurrence of this skin disease.

Main risk factors for Psoriasis

Even after so much advancement in medical science, the exact or definite causes of this skin disease are not known. Various causative factors are taken into consideration and low body immunity or natural resistance is perhaps the chief causative factor for its occurrence. Other possible risk factors for this problem are-

Excessive dryness of the skin, Smoking, frequent injuries, cuts and burns on the skin which lead to lesions, Mental stress, administration of certain medicines, skin infections caused due to virus or bacteria, intake of unhealthy or unbalanced diet, nutritional deficiencies in the body, too much exposure of the skin to the sunlight and excessive intake of alcohol

Chief signs and symptoms of Psoriasis

As stated above, the signs and symptoms of psoriasis are apparent in different people differently. Some people start experiencing its signs and symptoms at an early stage while some others don’t experience its signs even for so many years. Some of the commonly experienced signs and symptoms of psoriasis include-

General body weakness, skin itching, skin irritation, skin lesions along with appearance of white silvery patches, bleeding from skin, cracks on the skin, change in the colour of nails and Lesions on the joints

Health package for Psoriasis

Since Psoriasis is a severe skin condition or ailment and may recur again if not properly treated therefore it needs such a mode of treatment that may offer permanent and long lasting relief from this problem and that too in such a way that the problem may not occur again. Herbal formulas prove to be best in this regard. It is due to the reason that herbal formulas such as health package for Psoriasis which is presented by the Patanjali pharmacy offers safe and effective relief from this problem.

At the same time, the severity of the signs and symptoms of this skin ailment are also relieved effectively so that the sufferer may be relieved of the same totally. This health package is quite effective in its task and helps in soothing down the irritation, itching, inflammation, bleeding and cracks on the skin.  Chief herbal ingredients used under this health package include-

  • Divya Arogya Vardhani
  • Divya Rasa Mankya
  • Divya Kayakalp Kwath
  • Divya Kaya kalp vati
  • Divya Giloy Sattva
  • Divya Kaisora guggulu
  • Divya Pravala Pisti
  • Divya Tala Sindura

Overall body immunity is improved so that the problem of recurrence of psoriasis may be tackled in an effective manner. Skin cells are nourished well so that these may keep on working with maximum efficiency and normally. All the essential nutrients are supplied by this health package to the skin cells which in turn promotes their good health in a natural way. Skin is properly moisturized and nurtured which in turn prevents its excessive dryness.

At the same, it is cleared of all the impurities or other toxins so that any infections or allergies may be prevented. Blood is also purified with the regular use of this health package so that various skin issues or problems may be prevented. The major advantage of using this herbal preparation is its safe nature that offers safe relief from the problem of psoriasis. No health hazards relevant to the skin or other body parts or organs are ever noticed with the use of this health pack.

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