Mind, brain and nervous system are the terms used to refer to one of the most important aspects of human body. Human body is composed of physical and mental aspect. In order to ensure normal body functions and overall good health of the body in an apt and most excellent manner, it is quite important to keep both these aspects in proper working order and good health. Although most individuals enjoy good health and normal functions of both these aspects however some individuals suffer from mental problems.   These may also be referred to as mental states. There are numerous mental states and psychosis is also one among them.

Psychosis can best be defined as disturbed state of mind under which a person starts living in hallucination or imaginary world.  The concerned person is far away from reality and his/her behavior towards real world also changes. The person suffering from psychosis exhibits abnormal or indifferent behavior. Person suffering from psychosis finds it difficult to relate to the real life and can’t react or respond well to the real or current situations. As per medical science, psychosis is a psychiatric condition which is characterized by loss of sense of reality by the sufferer. The concerned person remains in a state of confusion and may even suffer from daydreaming.

It is worth noting that psychosis patients can even hear voices that are not heard by others. It is all due to delusion or hallucination under which the patient is living. Stress, anxiety, panic attacks and violent behavior are some other characteristics of psychosis. The worst thing about psychosis is that the patient doesn’t consider anything wrong with his /her behavior or mental state. Even he/she doesn’t want to take help or get apt treatment to get rid of the same. That is why this mental state or condition may even prove to be dangerous at times.

Chief causes of Psychosis

Psychosis may be caused due to multiple factors such as administration of specific drugs and even alcohol and sudden withdrawal of the same. Some medical or psychiatric problems from which a person may be suffering. Mental states such as schizophrenia or even stressful lifestyle or exposure to such activities. Physical illness may also be responsible for causing psychosis.

Signs and Symptoms of Psychosis

There are certain signs and symptoms that indicate towards occurrence of psychosis. The chief signs and symptoms out of these may include-

  • Hallucinations
  • Loss of interest in routine activities
  • Confused state of mind
  • Improper or complete absence of personal hygiene
  • Delusions
  • Modifiable or flexible emotions such as too much emotional state or complete absence of the same
  • Indifferent or inexplicable behavior such as crying or laughing without any reasons or at inappropriate times or situations
  • Irritable behavior without any reasons
  • Incapacity to work property
  • Complete inactivity
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Lack of concentration
  • Tendency to commit suicide
  • Disorganized speech

Health Package for Psychosis

As stated above, the condition or state of psychosis can become quite dangerous or even life-threatening at times therefore it is very important to get rid of this mental state effectively and safely.  Swami Ramdev health package for psychosis is best in this regard as it helps in management of this problem in an effective way.  It is apt in dealing with the problem of psychosis as well as other mental states or disorders. It helps in soothing down the mind and at the same time normalizes functions of brain cells. This action helps in getting rid of psychosis quite efficiently. Lost or disturbed functions of the brain cells are regained and revived which in turn ensures that the concerned person may remain free of any negative thoughts or hallucinations. Chief herbal elements contained in this health package for psychosis include-

  • Medha vati
  • Ashwagandha Churan
  • Moti pishti
  • Lauh Bhasm
  • Medha kwath
  • Rajat Bhasm
  • Ashwagandha capsules
  • Badam Rogan

All these herbal formulas are purely organic in nature and hence offer safe and effective relief from the condition of psychosis. It is all due to safety of use associated with these products. Negative mental states such as stress, anxiety, depression and tension are all relieved with the help of this wonderful health package. Irrespective of age or sex, it can be used by anyone suffering from psychosis.  It is again due to the reason that it is suitable for all age groups.  It rejuvenates and refreshes mind so that the same may keep on working properly and normally. Various hormones and other chemicals required for normal brain functions are also secreted in apt proportions triggered by the use of this health package. Consequently, normal mental functions are assured naturally.  Health package for psychosis also helps in inducing sleep in a natural way so that the patient may be able to have proper rest and sleep.

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