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Sinuses are the minute parts or organs that are present in the nose. This small organ of human body is quite sensitive and is prone to suffer from various infections and allergies caused due to external agents. Consequently, sinuses are prone to suffer from various diseases or disorders such as sinusitis. Due to occurrence of sinusitis in the nose or nasal passage, the sinuses get blocked with mucus. As a result, the concerned person suffers from constant feeling or irritation, itching and inflammation in the nose. Apart from this, this condition may also be accompanied by feelings of headache, fever and heaviness of the head. There is constant shivering in the body which makes a person feel ill. The condition of sinusitis is mostly found in all people who suffer from cold and other respiratory conditions including asthma.

People with low body immunity are more prone to suffer from sinusitis due to occurrence of cold in them more often. It may be found in all people including children, adults and elderly. At the same time, people of both the genders are also equally affected by this nasal condition. The chief factor responsible for this condition is attack of viruses on the body. People who are allergic to environmental pollution, microbes, pollens, dust and dirt are at high risk of suffering from this condition. Although sinusitis is not considered to be serious health condition in medical science however it requires immediate medical intervention due to the reason that it is quite discomforting for the sufferer. Even the sufferer is not able to carry out routine tasks efficiently.

Chief causes of Sinusitis

There are various factors or causes behind the occurrence of sinusitis. These may include-

  • Low body immunity
  • Wrong habits such as keeping awake late at night
  • Consumption of incompatible foods such as milk and salt or fish and milk
  • Too much dependence upon hot, cold, oily, dry or spicy foods
  • Dependence upon indigestible and heavy foods
  • Allergies to pollutants, pollens, dust and dirt
  • Suppression of natural body urges

Major Signs and Symptoms of Sinusitis

The condition of sinusitis in the body may be confirmed by looking at various signs and symptoms. The major signs and symptoms may include running nose, stuffy nose, continuous Sneezing, Headache, Cough, Heaviness in the head, Decreased sensation of smell, Soreness of throat, Sinus pain, feeling of Facial congestion, Ear aches, frequent urge to clear the nose or nasal passage for easy breathing, toothaches, constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue and bad breath coming from mouth.

Health package for sinusitis

Health package for sinusitis, which is a unique presentation of Baba Ramdev Ji, for all those who fall prey to this health condition more often, is helpful in total cure and prevention of this problem. It is because this health pack is purely herbal or organic in nature that helps in attacking at the root cause of this problem and hence eradicates it completely from the body. It aims at enhancing overall body immunity so that recurrence of this problem may be prevented and a person may enjoy good health in all respects. Various herbal formulas that are contained in this health package

Pain, inflammation, irritation and itching in the sinuses are relieved with the regular use of this health pack. Body shivering and temperature is controlled so as to relieve the patient to great extent. Body pain is also relieved; heaviness in the head caused due to obstruction of nasal passages, headache and blockage of nose is also opened with the help of marvelous herbs present in this health pack for sinuses.

This health pack is ensured of its safety for all types of users as it is totally safe and reliable due to its organic nature. No artificial ingredients or other harmful chemicals are used in the preparation of this health pack and hence there is no risk of health hazards. Regular use of this health pack helps in controlling the production of mucus in the sinuses which is eventually totally stopped or blocked. Consequently, the blockage in the sinuses is also removed.

Suggestible home remedies for Sinusitis

  • People suffering from sinusitis should drink lukewarm water to have relief from this condition. It helps in keeping nasal passages free of mucus and at the same time removes the same from body easily by making it thin.
  • To get relieved of blocked nose and irritation, inflammation and itching in it, you must take steam regularly.
  • Consuming ginger juice with honey helps in recovering from this health condition at a fast pace.
  • Nasal passages may be cleared of mucus by putting saline drops in it. It even helps in prevention of any further mucus in it.
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