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Present day lifestyle has become quite hectic and stressful. Increased work load, increasing expectations in all walks of life and constant efforts to fulfill the same as well as lack of nutrients in diet which is being taken by present day generation are casting ill-effect on the overall health of human body. It is equally true for both physical as well as mental aspect of the body. It is because mind and body both are interconnected and need nutrients as well as proper sleep and rest for their most optimal and efficient functions. Unfortunately, these requirements of the body are not fulfilled properly which in turn results in certain health issues relevant to mind and body.

Stress and depression are also among these health issues that can be found commonly in almost all people. Stress and depression are nothing but negative mental states or negative feelings in a person. These may include sadness, anxiety, nervousness, confused state of mind etc. Although we may suffer from such mental states or conditions in routine life and get out of the same with passage of time however some people are not able to do so. It may be due to unique mental set-up and chemical composition in their brain. Even sometimes hereditary factors or family history of the disease may also be responsible for causing stress and depression. Even sometimes such mental states may lead to suicidal thoughts and other serious health issues in a person.    

People suffering from stress and depression mostly show certain signs and symptoms such as disturbed sleep, feeling of loneliness and desire to be alone all day long, reluctance to share one’s feelings and thoughts with others, lack of interest in routine activities and social life etc. That is why the person may even develop suicidal thoughts at times. Both these mental states are a clear indication of mental illness. Proper counseling, love and affection and administration of safe and herbal medicines definitely help in coming out of stress and depression.

How are stress and depression caused?

Well, there is not anyone factor responsible for causing stress and depression. Rather it may be caused due to numerous factors. These may include Psychological factors, Biochemical imbalance in the body, Deficiency of folate or Vitamin B12 in the body, dreadful personal experience or some tragedy in life such as death of some close family member or relative, genetic factors and physical or mental illness for a long time.

Chief indicatives of stress and depression

There are multiple indicators found in the person suffering from stress and depression. These directly indicate occurrence or presence of this mental illness in a person. The major characteristics of stress and depression include confused state of mind, lack of desire to carry out routine or domestic activities, negative feelings such as sadness, unhappiness, nervousness, and anxiousness, short-tempered behavior, continuous headache, state of indigestion, shift over in the eating habits, state of hopelessness, feeling of general body weakness, exhaustion, tiredness, and fatigue, state of restlessness, sudden fits of crying, laughing or anger, disturbed sleeping or loss of sleep due to state of anxiousness. These symptoms may be found differently in different people due to individual causative factors for stress and depression.

Health package for stress/depression

Keeping in view the severity and seriousness associated with the mental illness termed as stress and depression, Baba Ramdev Ji along with his dedicated and expert team of medical professionals has prepared and presented a wonderful herbal formula which is referred to as Ramdev health package for stress and depression. Pure and most excellent herbs, that are found in the nature and are being used from times unknown to cure numerous mental diseases or disorders, are used in the preparation of this health package. It has been done to ensure safety of overall health of human body.

Apart from herbs, this health pack is also rich in certain nutrients that are required for normal functions of the brain and all its parts. That is why it is sometimes also called as one of the most excellent health tonics for the brain. It nourishes brain cells deeply and also aids in pacing up the process of regeneration of new cells so that these may replace the old and worn out cells. This in turn helps in prevention of negative mental states such as stress and depression. It helps in complete rejuvenation of the brain to make it function with utmost efficiency.

Chief herbal constituents of this health package

are Divya Godanti Bhasm, Divya Medha Vati, Divya Moti Pisti, Divya Medha Kvatha and Divya Pravala Pisti. Undoubtedly, all these are totally safe owing to their herbal or organic nature. Various signs and symptoms associated with the condition of stress and depression are also relieved effectively using this health package. People who are prone to suffer from stress and depression frequently are advised to use this health package and get rid of this condition for good.

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