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Syphilis is a disease or disorder relevant to the sexual organs or system of human body. It is an infectious or contagious disease that spreads through sexual intercourse or sexual activity amid two people. It comes under the category of sexually transmitted diseases or STD’s.  It is mainly caused due to attack of bacteria on the sexual organs or parts. It is caused due to attack of bacterium called as Treponema pallidum.

During sexual intercourse or sexual activity, this bacterium gets transferred from one person to the other and hence leads to occurrence of this problem in the other person too.  This bacterium attacks the sexual organs due to low body immunity or weakness of the immune system. Any discrepancies or malfunctioning of the immune system is also responsible for causing syphilis in different people. It is because due to low body immunity, the body is not able to fight against infectious bacteria responsible for causing this disease. This in turn leads to occurrence of this disease due to unrestricted multiplication of microbes in the body.

Apart from this, these bacteria may also get transferred to the body of the other person via blood transfusion. Due to presence or occurrence of syphilis in the body, the entire working mechanism of sexual organs or the overall health of human body is affected negatively.  There are three stages of this disease that might may be present or absent in different people.

It is but obvious that sexual activity or sexual intercourse is also important in human life. Without this important activity, the process of reproduction is not possible. Even if this activity is carried out then it must be in a completely safe manner. If any of the two sex partners suffer from some health issues relevant to sexual organs or sexual system then both the partners may suffer from this problem due to the reason that infections spread rapidly via sex organs.

Various risk factors responsible for causing syphilis

Major reason that is responsible for causing syphilis in people of two sexes is sexual activity. It may be spread via anal or oral sex. In some cases, even kissing may lead to spreading of the microbes from one person to the other. In the course of sexual activity, the microbes responsible for causing syphilis are transferred from one person to the other via formation of an ulcer or sore on the body.

The said ulcer or sore is filled with a liquid or pus which gets discharged when it is broken or ruptured. The bacteria or microbes causing syphilis are actually present in this liquid only. Due to discharge of this liquid, these are transferred from one person to the other. Even open or broken skin may also become point of transfer of the microbes. Apart from this, syphilis bacteria may also get transferred from pregnant mother to the child.

Signs and symptoms of Syphilis

Appearance of sore or ulcer on the body is most apparent symptom of syphilis. This symptom may be evident within 10 days or even 100 days or more than that in the body. Other signs and symptoms of this disease include anaemia, mild fever, skin rashes, and headache.

Ramdev Health package for Syphilis

Keeping in mind the severity of the disease called as syphilis, Baba Ramdev Ji has presented a wonderful health package for syphilis. It is apt in treatment and prevention of further recurrence of this health issue. It is a totally safe and effective herbal cure that helps in getting rid of this health issue and that too without causing any health hazards or other serious health complications. The herbs contained in this herbal formula help in prevention of transmittance of this sexual disorder from one person to the other.

At the same time, any complications in the overall health of human body are also prevented. This health pack is so wonderful that it aids in improving overall body immunity so that chances of further occurrence of this problem may be reduced or totally eliminated. Since people of both the genders are prone to suffer from this health condition therefore this health package has been designed and formulated in such a way that it can be used by the people of two sexes equally well.

Home remedies for Syphilis

Certain home remedies prove to be quite useful in curing the condition of syphilis in a natural way. These may include-

  • You may consider applying aloe Vera gel or juice extracted from aloe Vera where sores or ulcers are present. It helps in relieving the inflammation or skin rashes caused due to occurrence of the sore or ulcer as a result of syphilis.
  • Tea tree oil which is rich in anti-bacterial properties can also be used for same purpose.  It may be applied on the sores or ulcers to get rid of the infection and prevent further growth of the bacteria.
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