How to get rid of Sleep Disorders through Natural Cures

Sleep-DisordersSleep disorder is a condition in which a person is not able to sleep properly or he feels disturbed during sleep. It is known as insomnia in medical terms. There are multiple reasons behind sleep disorder. These may include stress, anxiety, too much tiredness, hormonal imbalance, some physical problems such as cold, cough etc. But proper sleep is very much essential for good health of a person. Although many medicines are available to induce sleep artificially however these are not at all advisable. It is because these have side effects too and a person may become addictive to them for sleeping. You can try some natural cures for sleep disorders.

Drinking Warm Milk– You should drink a glass of warm milk every night before sleeping. It is because milk is rich in an amino acid known as tryptophan. It is an essential substance required by the human body to carry on with its processes in normal way. This in turn helps in inducing sleep.

Warm bath- To relax your body by accelerating the circulation of blood in the arteries of your body, you should take warm bath each night. It is known as vasolidation in medical terms.  It will make you completely relaxed and induce sleep naturally.

Banana– Since banana is rich in potassium and magnesium therefore it helps in making your muscles relaxed in an effective way. It relaxes the brain by conversion of L-tryptophan amino acid into 5-hydroxy tryptophan in the brain. Therefore, sleep is induced naturally after consuming banana at night.

Relaxing mind and body- It is very important to relax your mind as well as body before going to bed for sleeping. You can read a book or listen to light music or meditate for some time. It helps in relaxing your mind. Similarly, tension in the muscles of body may be relaxed by carrying out some simple stretching exercises or yoga poses.

Avoiding alcohol and caffeine- These two should be totally avoided if you want to sleep soundly. It is because caffeine present in tea or coffee makes brain alert and hence interferes with sleeping process. Similarly, alcohol consumption makes your sleep irregular and disturbed.

Avoiding smoking- Similar to caffeine and alcohol, smoking should also be avoided at all costs and especially few hours before going to bed. It is because nicotine present in cigarettes triggers brain and makes it more active instead of making it feel sleep.

Lemon Balm Tea- Instead of caffeinated tea, you must switch over to lemon balm tea. It is rich in medicinal properties such as antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, sedative, anti-spasmodic and cerebral stimulant. It induces brain to relieve tension and stress and hence paves the way for sound sleep.

Short naps in the afternoon- You can take a 10-20 minutes nap in the afternoon. It will help in making your mind and body fresh and also get rid of tiredness. It will help you to sleep properly at night too. It is because when mind and body are over-exhausted it also interferes with sleeping process. Therefore, it is advised to have short naps in the afternoon.

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