Are there any effective treatments to treat Small Pox

Small Pox is an infectious disease which is caused by viruses known as Variola major and Variola minor. Any of these variants can cause small pox.  In ancient times, it was known as ‘pox’ or ‘red plague’. Small pox is confined to a small area in small blood vessels of the skin as well as in mouth and throat.

The small pox virus in the skin leads to a distinguishing maculopapular rash which gives rise to blisters filled with fluids at later stages. The major variant of the virus i.e. Variola major is known to cause deadly disease as compared to Variola minor. The V-major infection gives rise to complications such as blindness due to corneal ulceration and scarring, scars on the face and limb deformities due to arthritis and osteomyelitis.

The diseases caused by V. minor include milk pox, Cuban itch, cotton pox, alastrim and white pox.

Although there is no proper treatment for smallpox but it is mostly treated through isolation and quarantine. It is because it is highly communicable disease and is mostly treated through antiviral therapy. It is done so as to reduce the severity of the symptoms of the disease. Apart from this, vaccines and other helpful treatments are also used to treat small pox. These may include keeping the body well-hydrated.

The patients are mostly treated by giving them intravenous fluids and medicines for fever. In addition to this, antibiotics are also administered so as to prevent any feasible infections caused due to bacteria.

The main aim of treatment of small pox is to provide relief from the symptoms. It is done by making the patients able to fight against the virus by giving them suitable antibiotics.  This method of treatment may be referred to as supportive care.

Constant researches are being made to develop fresh and effective antiviral agents to treat small pox. And one such finding has revealed that the drug named cidofovir is quite effective in treatment of small pox. But its complete validity to treat small pox can be confirmed only after further tests and evaluations.  Experiments are being constantly carried out on animals to prove its efficiency and validity as far as treatment of small pox is concerned.

Small pox is such as deadly and highly infectious disease that the patient who is under treatment is isolated completely.  It is done to ensure that this disease is not transmitted to others. Even people who are involved in treating the patient such as doctors, nurses and other helpers are also vaccinated against small pox virus. It ensures that they have developed sufficient immunity to fight against the virus causing small pox.

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