How to get rid of the problem of Snoring

SnoringSnoring is a sound produced by the nasal passage during sleeping. This sound is produced due to over-relaxation of the muscles of throat, tongue and roof in the mouth of a person. When muscles relax more than required, they start blocking the airway partially. This in turn leads to production of nasal sounds known as snoring. It can cause lack of sleep in a person and disturbs others well. It also creates some other problems such as daytime sleepiness, lack of concentration and irritable behavior. Snoring can be treated by using some home remedies or natural treatments.

High position of head while sleeping- You must sleep with your head raised about four inches from your bed. It will cause your jaw and tongue to bend forward thereby easing the breathing process. This in turn reduces the snoring problem.

Keep weight under control- You must also pay attention to your weight as over-weight persons tend to snore more. It is due to deposition of fatty tissues in the throat area. Losing weight helps in reducing the amount of fatty tissues in the throat region and hence curbs snoring problem.

Exercise regularly- It also helps in dealing with the problem of snoring. It is because the muscles in your throat are also toned when you exercise to tone the muscles of your legs, abs and arms. It helps in reducing the snores.

Sleeping on the side of body- It is a better position as compared to sleeping on the back. It is because you can breathe easily and in a better manner when you sleep on the side of your body. It prevents the tongue from sliding back to the throat and hence prevents snoring.

Singing regularly- You can make the control of muscles in the soft palate and throat better by singing for 15 minutes regularly. This in turn helps to prevent snoring.

Avoid smoking- Due to smoking, the membranes in the throat and nose get irritated and as a result these are blocked too. This enhances the problem of snoring. Therefore, you must avoid smoking at all costs to reduce snoring at night.

Avoiding alcohols, sleeping pills or sedatives- All these slow down the processing of nervous system.  This in turn leads to over-relaxation of the muscles of throat which leads to snoring. So it is advisable to sleep naturally and avoid using sleeping pills, alcohols and sedatives to induce sleeping.

Keeping atmosphere of bedroom moisturized- Since dry air irritates membranes in the throat and nose, therefore you must always keep the atmosphere of your bedroom or sleeping place moisturized. It can be done by using a humidifier.

Playing the Didgeridoo- It is a wind instrument which helps in making the muscles situated in the upper airways strong. It must be played regularly to help in prevention of snoring at night.

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