How to cure Sports Injuries with some common and easy home remedies

Sports-InjuriesInjures related to sports are quite common amongst the players who participate in the sports events at frequent intervals. The athletes and the players often face injuries that include dislocation of joints, stress injury at the elbow or other such situations where the participants have to suffer heavily. Sometimes they come into hard contact with something that injures them badly. Serious wounds including head bangs, growth-plate related injuries and fractures etc need special treatment by the professional doctors. However certain home remedies are also quite helpful. The undermentioned steps give enough relief from painful effects.

Rest – Sufficient rest is a must for treatment of sports related injuries. Movements of the body must be restricted but complete ban on physical activities must be avoided.

Icing – Icing of the relevant area of sports injury is recommended. It helps in reducing the level of inflammation, swelling, pain in the muscles and tissues. Bleeding of the organs also comes down in a big way through icing of the relevant area of injury. In case the injured area becomes white, the ice should be removed as it is a cold injury. Ice packs should be used for approx fifteen to twenty minutes and the process must be repeated after every two or three hours for the next forty eight to seventy two hours.

Compression – Putting elastic bandage around the injured area due to participation in sports events helps in reducing swelling. The bandage should not be too tight as it will stop blood circulation. In the event of increase in pain, the bandage should be loosened.

Elevation – This home remedial step in treating the sports injuries is elevation of the relevant injured area to a sufficient height. It helps in reducing the painful effects.

Heating – Heating the injured area with warm cloth or cotton also relieves the sportspersons to get relived from the acute sports injuries.

Following home remedial medications also help in early treatment of the sports injuries.

Traumeel – This best homeopathic ointment contains arnica and other natural herbs including chamomile and calendula etc. It is much useful to get recovered from bruises, strains, sprains, swelling, nerve pains and post-surgical aches. This medicine has become much popular amongst athletes and other players.

Arnica – This homeopathic ointment or gel is quite effective in treatment of inflammation and soreness due to the sports injuries. It helps in controlling bruises too. This medicine is extracted from the arnica plants that are available in European and North American mountains and other high range areas across the globe. Its leaves can be rubbed on the muscles to bring down swelling and pains. The anti-inflammatory effects in this medicine are quite helpful in treatment of sports related injuries.

Persons suffering from sports injuries can rely upon other home remedies too that are quite effective for early treatment.

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