What are some chief causes behind Syphilis

SyphilisSyphilis is a bacterial infection which is passed on from one person to the other through sexual contact. Any type of sex including oral, anal or vaginal may lead to transmission of syphilis in case any one of the two partners is suffering from this infection. It may also be transferred from mother to fetus during pregnancy or at the time of birth. The bacterium responsible for this infection is spirochete Treponema Pallidum. There are four stages of syphilis including primary, secondary, latent and tertiary. The symptoms of syphilis vary according to the stage of the infection from which a person is suffering. It is mostly diagnosed through blood tests. Let us now explore chief causes behind syphilis.

Bacterium- It is the primary and foremost reason behind occurrence of syphilis. As mentioned above, treponema pallidum is the bacterium known to cause syphilis. It penetrates into the body of a person via mucus membranes and then spreads all through the body. Since syphilis is highly infectious in nature therefore it can be easily transmitted to other people when the body of infected person starts getting rashes and sores.

Injected Needles- When needles used on the infected person are used on other people also, then the bacterium enters into the body of other person too. This way syphilis is transmitted from infected person to other people via injected needles. It is always advised to use a fresh syringe every time for injecting a person. At the same time, needles once used should be disposed immediately and properly to avoid transmission of syphilis and other communicable diseases.

Syphilis through the Placenta- The infants, babies and even unborn babies get infection of syphilis from the mothers’ placenta. If the pregnant mother is suffering from syphilis, then his babies also tend to suffer from this disease as it is also passed on to fetus from mother similar to AIDS.

Transmission- It is another common cause behind syphilis. Since bacterium causing syphilis is transmitted through open sores from the infected person to other people coming into contact with him, therefore it is mostly transmitted via sexual contact or activity. Any type of sexual activity anal, vaginal or oral may lead to transmission of this disease. It is because open sores are mostly found in areas such as anus, rectum or the genitals of human body, lips and mouth. All these body parts and organs mostly used during sexual activity.

Blood Transfusion- Although it happens only in some rare cases that syphilis is caused due to infected blood transfusion from one person to other but it is also one of the causes behind syphilis. It may happen due to carelessness on the part of persons involved with the process of blood transfusion or failure of medical equipments to test blood samples properly.

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