What are tonsils? Can tonsils be treated by using some herbal remedies

tonsillitisTonsils refer to a group of lymph nodes which are located at the back of the throat on each side. Tonsils are responsible for fighting against the infections caused due to pollutants and other foreign elements. It is an important part of the immune system and hence provides protection to the body. Sometimes, due to entry of bacteria and virus into body, tonsils become infected and hence become inflamed and blazed. It leads to tonsillitis- a medical condition of tonsils. It is accompanied by throat pain, sore throat, fever, headache, roughness, redness and swelling of the tonsils and difficulty in swallowing.  Although tonsils get cured of their own but some herbal remedies help in treating them fast.

Milk- You can get relieved from various symptoms of tonsils by consuming a glass of milk with turmeric and black pepper powder added to it. It should be continued for three consecutive days to get desired results.

Gargling with Fenugreek Seeds- You can make a solution of fenugreek seeds by adding them to water and simmering for half an hour. This gargle can be used to rinse your mouth as many times a day as possible. It will help in soothing down the inflammation caused due to tonsils.

Vegetable Juices- Juices of some vegetable such as cucumber, carrot and beet are known to cure tonsils effectively. These can be taken together or separately.

Lime- Patients suffering from acute tonsillitis can get it treated fast by consuming warm water with lime, salt and honey added to it. It gives instant relief from throat pain and inflammation of tonsils.

Viola Odorata or Banafsha Flowers- You can add these flowers to milk and consume the same milk when it is still hot after filtering. You can even fry the filtered banafsha in ghee and wear it around your throat at night.

Echinacea– Due to presence of sulfur in large quantities in Echinacea, it helps in curing tonsils in multiple ways. It helps in fighting against the infections which lead to tonsils, breaks open and kills the tonsil-causing bacteria or virus and fights against the inflamed tissues of tonsils. Echinacea also induces lymphatic fluid to drain out and gives relief from tonsils.

Myrrh- It helps to provide relief from inflammation caused in the throat due to tonsils. It is done by soothing and cooling down the inflammation of lymph nodes thereby relieving pain in throat. Since resin of Myrrh is rich in medicinal properties, therefore its oil is used to deal with tonsils. Apart from this, it accelerates blood circulation in the body which is very important to get rid of toxins in order to alleviate the problem of tonsils.

White Oak– Since white oak is rich in anti-septic properties and hence its bark can be used for gargling to fight against the infections responsible for tonsils. By reducing the lymph nodes to their original size, it also reduces the sizes of tonsils. The irritation in throat is also cooled and soothed by white oak.

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