Treatment of inflammation

how to cure inflammationIt is generally noticed that people suffering from infection or injuries face inflammation in the shape of the tissues becoming tender, warm, reddened and swelled that in turn results in unbearable pains. Viral / fungal / bacterial infection, trauma, free radical damages, environmental toxins and excessive use of drug may lead to high levels of inflammation that is caused due to certain other reasons too. Persons suffering from this painful situation can get relieved with effective treatment as under.

Balanced diet – It is advised that your diet must be balanced and it must contain approx seventy five percent of raw foods. Considerable amount of juices and herbal teas must also be taken in by the persons who face inflammation. Foods with sufficient quantity of flavonoids must be taken as they provide potent antioxidants and help in reducing inflammation to great extent. Same way, blueberries and spinach also contain big components of flavonoids that strengthen the body and enable to fight inflammation in a big way. Strawberries, though consisting of smaller components of flavonoids also check inflammation that can be controlled with onions too which contain quercetin that reduces the level lf inflammation greatly.

Taking fresh papaya or pineapple on daily basis also helps human beings to defeat inflammation. Bromelain, the useful content of pineapple and papain contained in the papaya are the enzymes that are capable to bringing down the level of inflammation and swelling. It takes a period of approx two to six days for the pain and swelling to disappear. Though bromelain can be procured in the shape of pills also, yet it is recommended that papaya and pineapples are taken as fresh and not in the shape of canned ones.

Fatty acids – It is advised that fatty acids are used by the people suffering from inflammation for which they can take sardines, salmon, mackerel or herring that contain good contents of these acids.

Avoid fats & salts – Saturated salts and fats must be taken in limited quantities whereas the junk foods, sugar, cola and flour products should also be avoided as they help in enhancing inflammation.

Use of Alfalfa – It is a very good source of chlorophyll and minerals that are useful to check the level inflammation. Hence it is advised that foods containing this vital content are preferred by the people.

Aloe vera juice – Taking this healthy juice is greatly useful in controlling inflammation that is a source of great inconvenience.

Bilberry – The component of flavonoids in this substance enables the users to reduce inflammation to great extent.

Boswellia and turmeric (curcumin) – Inflammation can be checked by taking these two eatables in considerable quantities.

Cat’s claw – Inflammation can be brought down with this particular substance that helps in healing too.

Use of certain other things like yucca, echinacea, red clover, ginger, pau d’arco and goldenseal etc also helps to cut down inflammation.

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