Is it possible to treat tuberculosis with home remedies? How?

TuberculosisCommonly known as TB, Tuberculosis is caused mainly due to bacterial infection that is called as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Any type of deficiency in the immune system can also result in this ailment that needs to be treated with utmost care. The undermentioned few home remedies are suggested for the TB patients.

Astragalus – This conventional Chinese medicine is available in most parts of China, Mongolia and Korea. The extracts of this herbal medicine can be taken in dosages of 250 – 500 mg each by having the same thrice or four times on daily basis. However, this herb should be avoided in case the patient is taking immuno-suppressants as it leads to counteraction of the same.

Mint – The juice of mint is highly recommended for the TB patients. A mixture of one teaspoonful of mint juice, two teaspoonfuls of honey, 12-5 ml of carrot juice and two teaspoonfuls of pure malt vinegar is an ideal medicine for the sufferers who must take the same thrice on daily basis. This is quite advantageous for strengthening the lungs.

Indian gooseberry – Also known as Amla, this herbal medicine is quite energetic and increases the body strength. It can be taken in the form of vegetables, sweet pickles and raw form too.

Drumstick – The soup prepared from the leaves of drumstick is suggested to be taken before breakfast in the early hours of the day. This herbal medicine is much beneficial for the persons suffering from Tuberculosis.

Garlic – This antibacterial herbal medicine helps in strengthening the immune system. It can be taken raw or cooked. You can procure it in the form of powder or capsules too. However, its use should be avoided by the persons who suffer from bleeding and need surgery.

Green tea – Prepared from the leaves of camellia sinesis plant, this form of natural medication is available in the form of capsules too.

The undermentioned natural foods also help much in getting rid of the dangerous Tuberculosis disease.

Milk – The sufferers of TB are advised to take sufficient quantity of milk on daily basis. It is advantageous for the bone tuberculosis in particular that is often caused due to shortage of calcium. Milk contains enough calcium and hence beneficial for treatment of TB.

Bananas – Available in almost all parts of the world, bananas are an effective natural food for the TB patients.

Custard Apple – Patients suffering from TB are suggested to have considerable quantity of this natural food on daily basis. The seedless raisins and pulp of this natural food help the sufferers to great extent.

Pineapple Juice – This powerful natural food is quite effective in rapid treatment of TB as it helps in dissolving mucus and relieves the TB patients in a big way.

Oranges – The unlucky persons suffering from TB are advised to have this natural fruit on daily basis. Orange juice mixed with salt and honey is quite successful in early treatment of Tuberculosis.

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