Product Name+
 Package for Acidity & Hyper Acidity 
Package for Acne and Skin Disorder
 Package for Adenitis of Big Size 
 Package for AMA(Toxic Byproduct), Sprue Syndrome & Diarrhoea 
 Package for Cancer(Karkatarbuda) 
 Package for Cataract & Glaucoma 
Package for Cholesterol Level
 Package for Chronic Renal Failure 
 Package for Cirrhosis of Liver 
 Package for Constipation 
 Package for Coronary Artery Disease 
 Package for diabetes 
 Package for Epilepsy (Apasmara) 
 Package for Fibroid Uterus(Garbhasayarbuda) 
 Package for Gastric Trouble & Fltulence 
 Package for Hepatitis A, B, C (Yakrt-Sotha) 
 Package for Hernia(Antra-Vrddhi) 
 Package for High Blood Pressure 
 Package for Infertility(Bandhyatva) 
 Package for Joint Pain, Gout, Knee Pain etc. 
 Package for Leucoderma (Sveta Kustha) 
 Package for Menorrhagia (Heavy Menstruation) & Amenorrhoea(Less 
 Package for Mental Retardation & Mongoloid Children 
 Package for Migraine, Chronic Headache & Depression 
 Package for Multiple Sclerosis 
 Package for Muscular Distrophy & Handicapped Childeren 
 Package for Obesity 
 Package for Oligospermia & Other Genital Diseases 
 Package for Osteoporosis (Asthi-Susirata) 
 Package for Otorrhagia, Tympanitis & Deafness 
 Package for Parkinsonism(Kampa-Vata) 
 Package for Pimples (Yuvana Pidika) 
 Package for Tumour or Adenitis or any Growth of Body 
 Package for Ulcerative Colitis 
Churn Vati
Herbal Powder / Churn Herbal Tablets / Vati
Guggul Herbal Capsules
KWATH Baba Ramdev Health Packages
Kwath Baba Ramdev Health Packages
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