Get treated for Wounds with Home Remedies

woundsWe need to be extra careful during our daily routine activities to save ourselves from any type of wounds or scrapes that may harm us extensively. Unfortunately, if we happen to come across the same, certain home remedies can save us from their harmful effects.

Discontinue flow of blood – The first and foremost step to be taken is to stop the bleeding by using a tissue or clean piece of cloth. The flow of blood must be slowed down. Avoid using a tourniquet as it may lead to cutting of the circulation of blood.

Cleaning – Proper cleaning of the wound must be carried out by using water, soap and a tidy cloth-piece. Good cleanser, e.g. Hibiclens may be used for cleaning the cut. Use of hydrogen peroxide or iodine   is recommended if the wound is too dirty. Extra care must be taken for using this substance as it may harm the skin surrounding the cut. Treatment by a professional physician is recommended in the event of the cut being too dirty or deep.

Apply antibacterial ointments – Effective applications of Bactine, Neosporin or Polysporin is advised and the same are available without any prescription. The ingredients in such home remedial applications are free from allergic reactions.

Proper closing and covering – After applying suitable antibacterial ointments, the skin around the cuts must be closed in a proper manner so that the wounds are healed in a fast way. Use of quality adhesive bandage or butterfly strips is recommended to line up the edges of the wounds. Deeper and wider wounds need to be closed carefully by the experienced surgeons. It should be ensured that the wounds are covered up with proper coated gauze-type bandages, e.g. Telfa. Covering up should not be too tight for the purpose of air circulation.

Keeping the cuts clean and moisturised – The bandage must be removed and replaced on daily basis to avoid infection. It must be ensured that the cuts do not get dried up. Regular use of antibacterial ointment is a must to keep it moisturised and avoid scarring. Petroleum jelly like Vaseline may also be used for avoiding dryness.

Soaking the scabs – In the event of crusty scabs, the same must be soaked with white vinegar that are soothing and help in avoiding bacterial effects.

Avoid sunlight – Any person who bears cuts or scrapes should avoid the sunlight as it may harm the skin and the wounds too. Use of proper sunscreen for many days is also recommended for the areas that bear the wounds.

Tetanus shot – Administration of a tetanus shot is also recommended for the persons suffering from any type of scrapes or cuts.

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